Benefits of an Electronic Purchasing System

Improve Your Productivity with Req2PO

Any small business will benefit from having a purchasing process in place and using documented requisitions and purchase orders to manage expenses and control costs. However, paper systems have long gone by the wayside since they are wildly inefficient and time-consuming, and not all electronic systems are designed and priced for a more budget-conscious small business.

Req2PO is a web-based app that enables your employees to submit requests for any purchase that can then be easily forwarded to the approving party in the company (typically the employee's manager or the accountant) for approval or decline. Once approved, the app will convert the information into a documented purchase order that can then be sent to the vendor. You can eliminate inefficient, back-and-forth emailing, saving time and money.

If you are using QuickBooks or a similar accounting system, Req2PO was designed specifically for you. Inside the app, you can create users and approvers, setting different purchasing threshold limits for different employees. Any employee can complete a request and route it to the appropriate person (typically their manager) for approval. With a click, the request can be approved and converted directly into a purchase order, eliminating the need for completing redundant information, saving time and reducing errors.

As a web-based app, Req2PO works on every device without having to sync. You can use it whether you're PC- or Mac-based, on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Moreover, whenever the product is upgraded, your upgrade happens as part of your subscription with no need to re-load or upgrade software.

Productivity improvement is built right into the app, enabling you to review requests anytime and anywhere and approve purchases with the click of a button... automatically converting all of the details into a ready-to-send purchase order.